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Going Through Canned Tuna Production Line in the Factories

Most tuna product sold in the market take form of canned tuna. This is the reason why you can see many of those products in your local grocery store with different brands. There are many factories with canned tuna production line around the world even though actually the tuna itself comes only from several countries. Now let us see how those factories create canned tuna using their production line.
How Canned Tuna Production Line Make Their Product
Frozen tuna which comes from the fishermen will be brought into the factories using truck. After they are arrived, those bins will be removed from the truck and stored inside the factories storage or go straight to the canned tuna production line when needed. In the production line, first they will be separated according to their sizes. The content of the bins will be dumped into double conveyor to be taken to the shaker machine. This machine will then align the tuna so it can fit with the right position inside the elevator. This elevator is the one that will bring those tunas into the sizer machine.
The sizer machine will then separate the tunas according to their sizes. Tunas that can fit into the sizer are only tunas that have weight less than ten kilos. For tunas that have weight more than ten kilos, they will be collected separately to be cut later in the pre cooking line. Meanwhile tunas that can fit into the sizer, would then be put again into the bins to be taken to the next canned tuna production line.
This next line is the pre cooking line where tunas will be cleaned before being cooked. The tunas will once again be dumped into double conveyor from the bins. Tunas that have weight more than ten kilos which already collected separately before will need to go through the cutting line. In this line the tunas will be cleaned from its head and tail then it will be cut into loins with suitable size to match the other tuna’s size.
Meanwhile the tunas that have been dumped into the double conveyor from the bins will be cleaned manually by factories worker in separated canned tuna production line. In this cleaning line all heads, tails, skins, and dark meat are removed from the tunas thus it will left the line in clean loins form, similar to the previous size.
After being cleaned, now it is time to put the tunas into the pre cooker. The tunas will be delivered using racks into the pre cooker which will steam them in specific duration suitable for their size to cook them. The pre cooker will also cool down the cooked tuna before being taken to the next canned tuna production line.
All of those cooked tuna will then be put into sanitary conveyor which will take them into the filler machine. This machine is the one that will insert the cooked tuna into empty open top cans according to its capacity. With specific setting, the machine will be able to fill all of those cans with consistent weight thus all of those cans will have the same filling.
Next those cans of tuna will be taken into the oiler machine which will put oil inside the tuna with specific amount. There is specific headspace which already set into the machine so all cans will have the same headspace left after the oil is inserted. Last the cans will be brought into the closer machine which will close the cans and vacuum it so there is no air left inside the headspace of the cans. With this production line, complete product of canned tuna is created in the factories.
After the complete product of canned tuna is created in the factories, now they are ready to be send into the supplier which partnered with the factories. Those suppliers would be the one who delivered all of those canned tuna into the customer by sending them to the grocery stores and supermarket. You will then get to pick up those canned tuna into your grocery to be added in your meal of that day. So now, when you do pick up one of those canned tuna in the grocery store, you already know the canned tuna production line that it going through.

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