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Canned Tuna Indonesia and Reason Why You Need to Drain Off Them

Canned tuna Indonesia products come in oil, water, or brine (salt water). Tuna itself is one of the most popular sea foods eaten worldwide not only in Asia, but also America and Europe. Maybe you prefer to have fresh tuna, but canned tuna product is easier to be prepared and grabbed at groceries store. The tuna will be cooked first and then packed in a can with either oil or water. The canning process will ensure the tuna to long last for years until pass the expired date and it turns out bad.
Water versus oil canned tuna Indonesia
You can choose either oil or water (brine/ salt water or water) canned Tuna Indonesia products; however the most popular are tuna in oil and tuna in water instead of salt water also known well as brine. Tuna preserver in oil has almost twice calories level than tuna in water. For some comparison, tuna in oil offers 331 amounts of calories per serving while tuna in water only brings 220 calories in the same serving. Additional mayonnaise in tuna salad which you like to eat even make the calories go higher and it has greater impact for health. But, tuna in water mixed with 2 tablespoon of mayonnaise has more fat than tuna in oil mixed with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise. In conclusion it is your choice which canned tuna Indonesia product is okay for you.  
Canned tuna Indonesia draining method
Before you use the canned tuna Indonesia fish, you need to drain off the oil or water in the can using strainer. The sieve or strainer should be used to remove the oil or water as much as possible and after that leave the tuna fish sit on the strainer for few minutes or at least for two minutes to ensure that the oil or water already drained of completely. The method draining tuna with sieve has been used to use canned tuna as samples for laboratory analysis, but they will work for home consumers as well. You can use strainer which is easier and simpler.
Why you should drain off the oil or water from the can?
Maybe you are wondering why you should remove the oil or water in canned fish tuna Indonesia . Although the draining process does not lower the level of the mercury in the fish since mercury is not water-soluble, however it does make the tuna easier to be used when you want to cook it. In addition, drain the tuna in water does not decreasing the calories or the fats that you eat because water does not contain extra calories and fat unlike oils.
When you want to eat the tuna straight from the can, of course you do not need to drain off the water, however if you want to use it in the tuna pasta or tuna salad then it is better you drained them off first. Canned tuna when used in salad will be mixed with some seasonings, mayonnaise, onions, and cucumbers. This paste is spread on the crackers or sandwiches. Canned tuna Indonesia factory can be sprinkled on top of salad greens or pasta as well and thus if you left them drained, the fish will be too watery to use both in pasta or salad.
How about tuna in oils? Tuna in oils, either sunflower oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil when you want to use it then this is best if you drain off them due to the similar reason above. More reason is because they want to remove the extra fats and calories found in the oils. The slippery and oilier texture might be off putting to some as well. Even some people will rinse off the fish before using them in order to remove the oil residual. Take some note that when you drain the oil or rinse the fish, beneficial fatty acids will be drained off together.
When you purchase tuna in tomato sauces, of course you do not need to drain-off the oily sauces because it is what makes the fish flavor tastier. Some of the canned tuna Indonesia factory product offers such kind of fish with additional seasonings and herbs which you can enjoy for meal.

Sustainable Canned Tuna Factory Product Buying Guide

Canned tuna factory product buying guide is essential instructions when you want to buy canned tuna fish. Tuna is on popular sea food demand following after shrimp in United States. There are many factory brands offer different kind of canned tuna qualities and types such as tuna in oil, tuna in water, and tuna in brine (salt water). Canned tuna products have almost similar nutrition amount of fresh tuna and they are easier to be found plus cheaper than fresh or raw tuna fish. That’s why among sea food lovers, canned tuna fish is one of the most popular products worldwide.
What you need to know when buying canned tuna factory product?
There are certain things that you need to pay attention when you want to purchase canned tuna factory brands or products at grocery stores. You cannot just simply take the tuna from the shelf because you need to also care where your tuna came from. We know that canned tuna is not only a simple sea food, but they are rich in nutrition plus they have a delicious taste as meals which you can have.
In addition, canned tuna is a massive global industry products with about 4 million tonnes caught every year. That’s why you should put a concern by picking canned tuna that  sustainably caught, however please take a note that expensive price does not mean the tuna is sustainably caught and thus we are glad to share to you how to pick the right tuna with the safest sustainably caught by the production lines:
·         Check for the sustainable species of tuna fish
Loot at the packaging, if the label said thunnus or genus thunnus then it simple mean tuna fish. The most sustainable species of tuna fish is Katsuwonus pelamis or skipjack because the fish stock is considered to be abundant and healthy by the organization that provides fish stock data, Oceanic Fisheries Programme (OFP) organization. After skipjack fish, there is yellowfin tuna or Thunnus albacores. However, there is some controversy with the disagreement over the yellowfin fish stock. If the label did not mention anything about the catch region of the tuna then it is better to choose skipjack tuna.
·         Check for the sustainable tuna fishing method
There are two things that you need to consider about the sustainable fishing method when buying canned tuna factory brands:
-          The first thing is pole and line caught tuna label. The pole-and-line fishing method is considered to be the safest than net line fishing method. The fish is caught with single pole, a hook, and a line and it is best to reduce over fishing. Meanwhile, net line fishing have a problem with over caught and many other wildlife fish such as dolphins can accidentally get caught by the net fishing method. In addition, pole and line fishing method is conducted more by professional fisherman than canned tuna factory operations meaning creating more local jobs.
-          FAD-free caught method/ purse seine
This fishing method use a large size and floating wall of netting in order to encircle a large group of tuna and prevent them to escape. And then the fish are caught by hauling the net aboard or bringing it alongside the vessel. Actually, this is okay to be used by the fishermen or industrial operations as long as they do not use fish aggregation devices (FAD) which can attract other wildlife fish. With this device, it is highly possible that the skipjack tuna is caught with both bigeye and yellowfin tuna which is classified to be over-caught.
So, how to tell the difference on the tuna packaging? Well, it is a bit tricky, but if the canned tuna factory label mentioned about purse seine without saying FAD free then it is better to just pick the one with pole and line label on it.
That’s several things you need to know when buying canned tuna factory fish product. In addition, you may found that some of the canned tuna labeled as dolphin friendly and drift-net free, however both of the labels are sometime misleading and not that much credible. So, more information about it is needed to get the best canned tuna that sustainably caught.

Trustable Canned Tuna Supplier for Wholesale Business

Trustable canned tuna supplier is needed if you have a wholesale business which sells many kind of product in bulk. If you want to make your wholesale business gets many kinds of profits, then selling tuna can product is a way to go. Especially since this product is loved by many people thus you will get many customers willing to purchase it in bulk. Furthermore tuna can product is also very cheap so most people will be able to afford them. That way you will get many customers to purchase the product that your wholesale business sells.
Best Canned Tuna Supplier for Your Wholesale Business
To ensure that the canned tuna supplier gives the best tuna can product for your wholesale business, you should also know the difference between those products. Even though it seems too much, but actually it is a very important knowledge to have if you want your wholesale business to succeed. Now let us discuss more information that can give you knowledge about tuna can product to sell in your wholesale business.
1.      Type of tuna can product
 Usually when you ask for tuna can product to the supplier, they will give you two kinds of products. Those products are light tuna can product and white tuna can products. Both products are tuna can products with slight differences, so you still need to get them both for your wholesale business. But you also need to know more information about those products so you can answer question from your customer later on. Do not worry since we will tell you all the information you need here.
2.      Tuna fish
First let us talk about the tuna fish used on the tuna can product since there are a few different tuna fish used for the product. On light tuna can product the canned tuna supplier will use two different tuna fish inside such as skipjack and yellow fin. In contrast, on white tuna can product the supplier will use only one tuna fish inside that is albacore.
3.      Liquid
Next is about the liquid inside the tuna can product as you will notice the supplier also use a few different liquid for the product. On light tuna can product the canned tuna supplier will use water as the liquid for the product. In contrast, on white tuna can product the supplier will use oil as the liquid for the product. Furthermore, there are many kinds of oil which can be used as the liquid for the product such as vegetable oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, and much more. Usually people will like the white tuna can product more since it is more delicious, however the light tuna can product is consider more healthier as it only use water as the liquid for the product.
4.      Meat shade
Now is about the meat shade inside the tuna can product as you will notice the supplier also use a few different meat shades for the product. On light tuna can product the canned tuna supplier will use dark meat shade that is rather reddish. In contrast, on white tuna can product the supplier will use white meat shade that is rather pinkish. Your wholesale business customer might be more familiar on the white meat shade that the white tuna can product has since it is more common meat shade used on tuna can product.
5.      Meat consistency and savor
Next is about the meat consistency and savor inside the tuna can product as you will notice the supplier also use a few different meat consistency and savor for the product. On light tuna can product the supplier will use meat with soft consistency and deep savor on the product. You will be reminded with chicken thighs meat consistency and savor when tasting this product. In contrast, on white tuna can product the supplier will use firm consistency and soft savor on the product. You will be reminded with chicken breast meat consistency and savor when tasting this product. Some people will not like the deep savor on the light tuna can product thus you should be very careful when ordering from your supplier.
Those are the difference from the tuna can product that your canned tuna supplier can offer for your wholesale business, choose the product wisely.

Canned Tuna Filet from Caught to Distribution Process

Canned tuna filet products before they are being sold, they need to go through canning process so the tuna can last longer in best condition. The tuna fillet is different with other canned tuna product because it is in the form of fillet slices unlike canned tuna chunk or flakes or even shredded. Tuna filet is one of the best canned tuna sea food products that you need to try and since they are available worldwide, to find a good canned tuna fillet is easy. The tuna fillet can be cooked into other healthy recipes or you can eat them alone straight from the can, the choice is yours.
Characteristic of best canned tuna filet with proper canning process
Characteristic of best canned tuna filet product can be seen with various factors and it is not only about the price because expensive canned tuna does not mean good product and the opposite. So first, you need to check the packaging and see whether there is any leaked on the can or bulging lids. If there is then do not buy it. Next, you also need to see how the fish is caught and it is best to buy the one that caught with environmentally friendly fishing method or in other word sustainable. And the third, of course you need to know the reputation of the company who made and distributed the product. You can find what other consumers told about the products, find their experience when buy and eat the canned tuna filet product before you decide which brand you want to get.
Anyway, all those tips to find the best canned tuna fish can be considered along with this canning process information:
-          The tuna fish journey from the ocean to the factory
Find how the fish was caught and how the company managed to produce the canned tuna. Make sure that they have advanced technologies, hygienic, and efficient plus environmentally friendly. You can learn all the information by searching on the company website or internet.
-          High canning process technologies
Canning process is important because they are the one who affect the end result of canned tuna fish filet. The company needs to get the tuna into the cans properly so the product can reach you with fresh tasting as much as possible. Usually, once the tuna fishes were caught, they are got into some inspection and after than being quick frozen to keep the freshness. Next, the tuna would precooked for few hours to maintain the succulence. The tuna should be cooked perfectly and on a long time depending on the type of the tuna fishes, the sizes, and the qualities.
-          The experts will boned, skilled, and fillet the tuna fish
To make the best canned tuna filet, then the factory experts are going to boned, skilled, and fillet the tuna fish by hands. After the tuna is completely cool down, the experts are prepare the tuna fillets and when they are done, they will store the already fillet tuna fish into cans full of preservation such as brine, oils, and spring water. They will fill the cans according to the desired portion and after than the cans are sealed tightly.
-          The cans are going to be cooked again
It is not done yet because the cans are need to be cooked again with high temperature, although they have been sealed. This process usually named retort cooking and happens inside large constructed pressure cookers. It is important to cook the tuna twice to ensure all the possible bacteria were killed plus to maintain the tuna in best condition through years.
-          Finally, the canned tuna filet products are labeled and distributed
The last process is to label all the cans before they are being distributed globally. The cans were left to cool and after that being labeled then shipped or distributed at your local grocery stores and other stores around the world. Before they are distributed, the experts are going to check the end result as well especially to make sure the safety and the qualities of the products tin fish.
Since most of the canned tuna filet fish products are cooked then you can eat the tuna straight from the cans. Although there are canned fishes that are not being cooked but it is fine because you can cook them with simple methods.

The Best Canned Tuna Brands Product

It is important to pick the right canned tuna brands that match with your taste which can offer not only delicious taste, but also high quality nutrition value. We all know that it is always best to stick with fresh tuna as much as possible, but since fresh tuna is hard to find plus the types of tuna are not available every season, canned tuna fish product which is most widely available in food markets are good alternative to buy. As for today, there are many brands offered at grocery stores and some of them even imported from other countries. This makes people to choose the best brand more difficult unless you already have your own favorite brand for a long time.
How to choose the best canned tuna brands?
Choosing the best canned tuna brands is not that hard but yet it is difficult, especially you cannot only pick the brand based on price or taste since there are lots of tuna types sold at food markets. For example, should you buy skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, or Albacore tuna? This is important since the tuna types have different amount of nutrition.
Albacore tuna which is known as white chunk of tuna has more nutrition intake due to the larger size compared with light tuna which are skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, tongol, and bigeye tuna. However, they also bring more mercury content level than light meat and this is essential since tuna is one of the most popular sea foods and we need to limit ourselves when eating tuna either fresh or canned to prevent overconsumption of mercury.
Here are some considerations when you want to buy canned tuna brands product :
-          Most of tuna canned fish in grocery stores are caught by purse seine fishing method which is a giant net that caught over large school of fish so it is possible to catch “not just” tuna and it can kills million of sharks, dolphins, and even sea turtles. That’s why; you should check the label for sustainably fishing method such as line and pole
-          Just like we already mentioned before, the most common types of canned tuna brands are Albacore tuna, skipjack tuna, and yellowfin tuna. Skipjack stocks are literary better than Albacore tuna in terms of abundance; however Albacore populations are better managed and healthier than others tuna in some part of the world so in conclusion it all depends.
-          Canned tuna brands packed in oil is tastier than tuna in water, but they bring more calories and fats plus they cannot retain too much omega 3 when you drained off the liquid so you better pick tuna in water for healthier choice. In the end expensive brands do not always mean better tuna fish and in contrast, cheap brands not always offer bad quality of tuna fish.
-          Do not pay too much attention with “wild caught” label, because it just means that the tuna fish was not came from farm fishing, while canned tuna, it usually is not. That’s also goes to “dolphin safe” label since that’s only some buzzword years ago when dolphin bycatch still a problem, but nowadays that’s no longer the case. The bigger impact of unfriendly fishing method is for other species.
Thanks to some reliable list of canned tuna brands released by greenpeace.org in USA, they are listed 20 canned tuna fish brands which are very helpful to choose the best tuna tin fish. You can follow the list when choosing a canned tuna product. Here is some of the list listed:
1.      Wild Planet
2.      American Tuna
3.      Whole Foods
4.      Ocean Naturals
5.      Hy-Vee
6.      Wegmans
7.      Giant Eagle
8.      Albertsons
9.      ALDI
10.  Ahold Delhaize
11.  Kroger
12.  Target
13.  Costco
15.  Chicken of the Sea
16.  Trader’s Joe
17.  Bumble Bee
18.  Walmart
19.  H-E-B
20.  StarKist
If you want to buy other canned tuna brands outside that list is fine especially if you find other brands that are from imported from other countries as long as you can pick the right tuna tin fish according the instructions above. Moreover, check whether the cans are leaked or there is bulging lids then it is better to avoid buying the cans.

Tuna Canned Fish Precautions before Consuming

Tuna canned fish precautions before consuming is substantial for some consideration because although tuna meats offer various health nutrients such as protein, omega 3 fatty acid, vitamins, calcium, and minerals, it also harbor too much sodium, bacteria, mercury, and histamines. Limitation when eat tuna canned food is very recommended and if you have particular health condition, then you might want to consult or ask your nutritionist or doctor before eating canned tuna especially for pregnant women.
Some precautions for canned tuna fish
·         Sodium
Indeed that sodium is one of the most important minerals for human body, but if it consumed in high amounts then it will affect adversely by increase the risk of stroke and blood pressure. Tuna fish contains sodium and many tuna canned fish products have sodium addition. What is the best solution for it? If you want to eat canned tuna then choose the one that offer low sodium level or without added salt.
·         Bacteria
There is some risk that tuna can food brings when you eating the product which is bacterial contamination. Pathological bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Shigella, Clostridium botulinum, Campylobacter jejuni, and Salmonella can cause food poisoning or even death. When someone gets food poisoning, the symptoms are range from vomiting to diarrhea and stomach cramps for 4 to 46 hours after consumption. So, never eat canned tuna which loses its seals and seams in the cans because it has high risk to be contaminated by those bacterial.
·         Mercury
Tuna canned fish contains a heavy metal called mercury which give an ugly effect for body health plus can be toxic even in small amount. Tuna fish swims in waters that contain high amount of methylmercury and it is a material that can affect nervous system specifically in young children, infants, and even an infant. That’s why pregnant women need to think twice before consuming canned tuna due to the health risk brought by the mercury. Some type of tuna has more mercury than the other tunas. For example according to the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration, light tuna is safer than Albacore tuna due to the lower level of mercury. Choose wisely the type of tuna meat that you want to eat, although most of canned tuna factory may package and choosing the high and best quality tuna that contain low level of mercury.
·         Histamine
Scrombroid poisoning or also known as histamine poisoning can happen when you did not handle the tuna can properly after opening it. This histamine can formed when bacteria available in tuna meat which is inherent interact with free amino acid histidine. The proper way to consume canned tuna fish is when you already opened the can; you need to eat them all within two hours or if you cannot finish eating the fish, you should refrigerate the canned tuna.
Those are some precautions when eating tuna canned fish, however it does not mean you cannot consume canned tuna fish at all because those risks are only available with several conditions which is rarely occur from the best and high quality canned tuna fish that handled properly with quality control and other circumstances when you do not store the canned tuna fish properly.
Still, there is a lot of health benefits comes from tuna meat which is good for your daily amount of nutrition intake. Even some people and experts recommend those who are in diet for weight lost to properly eating tuna or sardines due to the high amount of protein. In conclusion it is good to eat tuna in can packaging as long as you know how to limit the consumption.
Tuna itself is classified as a fatty fish which available with several different species and one of the most popular tuna types is Albacore tuna. Whether you want to eat raw tuna, tuna steak, or tuna as canned food, its consumption can contribute for your body health. Despite those precautions that we already mentioned above, modern day tuna canned fish factory product provides a safe and more proteins, omega 3 fatty acid, mineral, vitamins, and enough sodium for the body. Meanwhile it is best to limit eating tuna up to 12 ounces of tuna canned fish per week while consume Albacore tuna has more limitation about 6 ounces per week.

Going Through Canned Tuna Production Line in the Factories

Most tuna product sold in the market take form of canned tuna. This is the reason why you can see many of those products in your local grocery store with different brands. There are many factories with canned tuna production line around the world even though actually the tuna itself comes only from several countries. Now let us see how those factories create canned tuna using their production line.
How Canned Tuna Production Line Make Their Product
Frozen tuna which comes from the fishermen will be brought into the factories using truck. After they are arrived, those bins will be removed from the truck and stored inside the factories storage or go straight to the canned tuna production line when needed. In the production line, first they will be separated according to their sizes. The content of the bins will be dumped into double conveyor to be taken to the shaker machine. This machine will then align the tuna so it can fit with the right position inside the elevator. This elevator is the one that will bring those tunas into the sizer machine.
The sizer machine will then separate the tunas according to their sizes. Tunas that can fit into the sizer are only tunas that have weight less than ten kilos. For tunas that have weight more than ten kilos, they will be collected separately to be cut later in the pre cooking line. Meanwhile tunas that can fit into the sizer, would then be put again into the bins to be taken to the next canned tuna production line.
This next line is the pre cooking line where tunas will be cleaned before being cooked. The tunas will once again be dumped into double conveyor from the bins. Tunas that have weight more than ten kilos which already collected separately before will need to go through the cutting line. In this line the tunas will be cleaned from its head and tail then it will be cut into loins with suitable size to match the other tuna’s size.
Meanwhile the tunas that have been dumped into the double conveyor from the bins will be cleaned manually by factories worker in separated canned tuna production line. In this cleaning line all heads, tails, skins, and dark meat are removed from the tunas thus it will left the line in clean loins form, similar to the previous size.
After being cleaned, now it is time to put the tunas into the pre cooker. The tunas will be delivered using racks into the pre cooker which will steam them in specific duration suitable for their size to cook them. The pre cooker will also cool down the cooked tuna before being taken to the next canned tuna production line.
All of those cooked tuna will then be put into sanitary conveyor which will take them into the filler machine. This machine is the one that will insert the cooked tuna into empty open top cans according to its capacity. With specific setting, the machine will be able to fill all of those cans with consistent weight thus all of those cans will have the same filling.
Next those cans of tuna will be taken into the oiler machine which will put oil inside the tuna with specific amount. There is specific headspace which already set into the machine so all cans will have the same headspace left after the oil is inserted. Last the cans will be brought into the closer machine which will close the cans and vacuum it so there is no air left inside the headspace of the cans. With this production line, complete product of canned tuna is created in the factories.
After the complete product of canned tuna is created in the factories, now they are ready to be send into the supplier which partnered with the factories. Those suppliers would be the one who delivered all of those canned tuna into the customer by sending them to the grocery stores and supermarket. You will then get to pick up those canned tuna into your grocery to be added in your meal of that day. So now, when you do pick up one of those canned tuna in the grocery store, you already know the canned tuna production line that it going through.



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