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Sustainable Canned Tuna Factory Product Buying Guide

Canned tuna factory product buying guide is essential instructions when you want to buy canned tuna fish. Tuna is on popular sea food demand following after shrimp in United States. There are many factory brands offer different kind of canned tuna qualities and types such as tuna in oil, tuna in water, and tuna in brine (salt water). Canned tuna products have almost similar nutrition amount of fresh tuna and they are easier to be found plus cheaper than fresh or raw tuna fish. That’s why among sea food lovers, canned tuna fish is one of the most popular products worldwide.
What you need to know when buying canned tuna factory product?
There are certain things that you need to pay attention when you want to purchase canned tuna factory brands or products at grocery stores. You cannot just simply take the tuna from the shelf because you need to also care where your tuna came from. We know that canned tuna is not only a simple sea food, but they are rich in nutrition plus they have a delicious taste as meals which you can have.
In addition, canned tuna is a massive global industry products with about 4 million tonnes caught every year. That’s why you should put a concern by picking canned tuna that  sustainably caught, however please take a note that expensive price does not mean the tuna is sustainably caught and thus we are glad to share to you how to pick the right tuna with the safest sustainably caught by the production lines:
·         Check for the sustainable species of tuna fish
Loot at the packaging, if the label said thunnus or genus thunnus then it simple mean tuna fish. The most sustainable species of tuna fish is Katsuwonus pelamis or skipjack because the fish stock is considered to be abundant and healthy by the organization that provides fish stock data, Oceanic Fisheries Programme (OFP) organization. After skipjack fish, there is yellowfin tuna or Thunnus albacores. However, there is some controversy with the disagreement over the yellowfin fish stock. If the label did not mention anything about the catch region of the tuna then it is better to choose skipjack tuna.
·         Check for the sustainable tuna fishing method
There are two things that you need to consider about the sustainable fishing method when buying canned tuna factory brands:
-          The first thing is pole and line caught tuna label. The pole-and-line fishing method is considered to be the safest than net line fishing method. The fish is caught with single pole, a hook, and a line and it is best to reduce over fishing. Meanwhile, net line fishing have a problem with over caught and many other wildlife fish such as dolphins can accidentally get caught by the net fishing method. In addition, pole and line fishing method is conducted more by professional fisherman than canned tuna factory operations meaning creating more local jobs.
-          FAD-free caught method/ purse seine
This fishing method use a large size and floating wall of netting in order to encircle a large group of tuna and prevent them to escape. And then the fish are caught by hauling the net aboard or bringing it alongside the vessel. Actually, this is okay to be used by the fishermen or industrial operations as long as they do not use fish aggregation devices (FAD) which can attract other wildlife fish. With this device, it is highly possible that the skipjack tuna is caught with both bigeye and yellowfin tuna which is classified to be over-caught.
So, how to tell the difference on the tuna packaging? Well, it is a bit tricky, but if the canned tuna factory label mentioned about purse seine without saying FAD free then it is better to just pick the one with pole and line label on it.
That’s several things you need to know when buying canned tuna factory fish product. In addition, you may found that some of the canned tuna labeled as dolphin friendly and drift-net free, however both of the labels are sometime misleading and not that much credible. So, more information about it is needed to get the best canned tuna that sustainably caught.

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