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10 Tuna Canned Fish Health Benefits for Body

Tuna canned is nice to be the next your meal choice since it offers a lot of nutrition benefits. Tuna fish contain lean protein, vitamins, and calcium as well as fat with omega 3 fatty acids which is good to reduce the risk of heart disease. Although there is a concern with the methyl mercury contained in the fish which make some people turn down consuming tuna, however such condition happen for those who eat fish every day without the right limitation. When you are eating canned tuna in proper way with moderate consumption, you can reap the benefits of this delicious fish while avoid yourself to the negative effects of high level mercury content. Below is ten benefits that you can get when you choose to eat tuna canned fish Indonesia.
10 health benefits of tuna canned fish Indonesia
There are many health benefits which you can gain when eating tuna fish, such as:
1.      Protein
Aside eggs and various type of meats, fish is one of the foods with high sources of protein level. It will be a good choice for dietary and bodybuilding since it offers lean protein. Canned tuna contains a high protein content about 23 grams in 3.5 ounces serving size. Tuna is a great way to support maintaining strong muscle plus it also good for hair, blood, nails, and skin.
2.      Good for cardiovascular health
Heart Rate Variability or HRV is a measure of heart rate function which can be improved by eating fresh or canned tuna products thanks to its omega 3 fatty acids contained in the fish that can increase the HRV. Furthermore, omega 3 can help to prevent abnormal heart rhythms development as well.
3.      Stroke
Stroke is one of severe illnesses that feared by many people and consuming tuna can help to reduce that risk. Some research mentioned that adults who take regular diet by eating one to four servings of fish had about twenty seven percents lower risks for having ischemic stroke while consuming five or more servings of fish per week helps to reduce the risk up to thirty percents.
4.      Reduce the risk of heart disease
Healthy consumption with moderate amount of tuna can help to reduce the risk of people getting coronary heart disease. Eating tuna can support to improve the ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) to bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body and thus avoid the increased risk of heart disease particularly when substituted for meals that high in cholesterol plus saturated fat.
5.      It helps to lower triglyceride levels
You can lower triglyceride levels with just consuming tuna canned Jakarta by two servings per week.  Triglyceride itself shows the amount of fat which you are carried and high level of it meaning that you might have both lower bad and good cholesterol (LDL and HDL cholesterol) as well. To lower triglyceride levels, you can eat tuna to improve the good cholesterol/ LDL.
6.      Obesity
Again, omega 3 fatty acids in tuna carry a lot of benefits including reduce the risk of obesity plus enhance body's insulin response. Omega 3 will help to stimulate a hormone namely leptin which useful to help regulating food intake and body weight while maintaining body's metabolism in a good condition. Tuna meats are low in both fat and cholesterol as well so they are a great choice for people who have a concern in obesity.
7.      B vitamins
Tuna canned factory contain B vitamins which offer many health benefits such as: it maintains and built red blood cells, improve immune system, it helps to increase energy and body metabolism plus skin health.
8.      Maintain healthy blood pressure
A study shows that eating fresh or canned tuna can helps to prevent high blood pressure thanks to, again, its omega 3 content. And people who struggle with high blood pressure gains even stronger beneficial effect from omega 3 fatty acids.
9.      Immune system
Just like we already mentioned before, tuna is a great source of antioxidant which can help to enhance immune system in your body. By increasing immune system, body will easier fight against illness, disease, and infections.
10.  Breast and kidney cancer
The recent study said that tuna fish can help to lower the risk of women getting breast cancer with a test subject who consume tuna meat regularly. Another study also shows that eating fatty fish just like tuna fish helps to reduce kidney cancer’s risk.
In conclusion, eating tuna canned or the fresh one is absolutely good for your body health.

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