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Non-Fry Milkfish Fillet Meals Healthy and Easy Recipe

Milkfish fillet meals are regarded to be a healthy dish suitable for both adults and children. You can cook milkfish fillets as your children lunch box or you can cook them into many dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Milkfish is one of the safest fish to be consumed since it offers lower mercury content level than other predatory larger fish including tuna and salmon. Moreover, milkfish also low in fats, calories, and cholesterol making it a good choice for dietary menu plan especially since milkfish also provides high quality of protein, it can suppress your starving feeling when dieting.
Milkfish fillet meals with various products
Buying milkfish fillets are sometimes quite challenging since they are available with many products and prices. For example, milkfish back fillets and milkfish belly fillets. The belly parts have high fats content and often regarded as premium product and of course they are sold in more expensive prices than other milkfish seafood products. Milkfish fillet meals recipes usually using fillets as the main ingredients with marinating process (sometime) to strengthen the flavor since milkfish taste is mildly unlike other fish with stronger flavor.
People who prefer to purchase fillets product it is because they have more elegant appearance than whole round fish, let alone canned product. Fillets are as popular as steak; they are good for making meals with nice presentation. Other reasons of why fillets product is favoritism by so many people is because they want to have quick and easy cooking preparation without need to debone and skinned the fish first. Of course there are fillets with the skin still attached on. So, what’s about the cooking preparation for milkfish fillet meals?
First, milkfish is known so well as a very bony fish with numerous small bones that hard to be removed even by an expert. They need to spend long time to remove the fish. If you purchase whole round fish, sometime people just cook the fish with the bones and removing them while eating. Of course such method cannot be done when you want to serve an elegant presentation for milkfish meals. Alternatively, buying already filleted product is the best option to have. Fresh fillets are available, but not as much as frozen milkfish fillet meals because frozen fish can maintain the freshness of the fish longer by prevent the spoilage and bacterial contamination.
What are the best methods when cooking milk fish fillet meals? There are many ways to cook milkfish fillets from grilling to broiling, from smoking to steaming, and of course the most popular way to cook the milkfish is pan frying. Fry fillets fish is a simple cooking method that can bring the milkfish taste for the best. You just need to cook the fish in oil until the fillets turn golden brown and flake easily with fork. It just need around not more than 30 minutes to cook simple milk fish fillet meals with frying cooking method. But, if you want healthier meals then it is better to cook the fish by steaming because it does not use cooking oil which gives extra calories and fats to the dish.
Now, why you do not try makes this one simple Asian milkfish fillet meals recipe at home?
Milkfish bangus fillet meal easy recipe
·         Frozen milkfish fillets
·         1 cup of vinegar
·         Peppercorns
·         ¼ cup of water
·         1 bulb of onion
·         Siling haba
·         Ginger (minced)
1.      Thaw the frozen milkfish fillets first by store them inside refrigerator overnight or you can soak the fish in a bowl of cold water for few hours if you running out of time. Alternatively, just take the frozen fish out of the freezer and the rinse them under cool water to remove the ice crystal.]
2.      Prepare a pot and then add water and vinegar, arrange the ginger, siling haba, eggplant slices, and the onions.
3.      Cover the pot and bring to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes till the fish fillets turns white and the liquid is slowly lessened.
4.      Add small amount of oil and stir to mix the ingredients evenly. Remove the pot from the heat and then serve it.
It is a very quick and healthy milkfish fillet meals since you do not need to deep fry it at all, enjoy them with the whole family!

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