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Machine Used by Canned Tuna Factory in Spain to Create High Quality Product

There are quite a lot of canned tuna factory in Spain which send their product everywhere around the world. It is not a joke how many stores are carrying tuna canned product which made on factory in Spain. The reason might be because they can create high quality product inside the factory, thus many people willing to sell their product in the store. You might be curious on how their factory can create high quality product, the answer actually lies in the machinery that they use in the factory.
Canned Tuna Factory in Spain Creating High Quality Product
You should know that tuna canned factory usually made their product using different kinds of machine. Those machines will have their own function inside the processing line, which use to make high quality product of tuna canned. Of course, not every factory have great machines thus the quality of the product will also affected by the quality of the machines that the factory uses. Even though every canned tuna factory in Spain have their own machinery, but most of the time, the machinery will be the same since they are all still in the same country. Now let us see the list of machinery that they might use here:
1.      Align and shake machine
You might already know the function of this first machine from their name. Yes you are right, the machine is use to shake the tuna fish and align them together. This is important since the tuna fish need to be put inside an elevator that will take it into the next machine.
2.      Size machine
This machine act like its name that function to separate the tuna fish that is coming from the elevator in the last production line according to desirable sizes. Usually the desirable size is around ten kilos, thus only tuna fish with that weight which able to enter this machine. While the other will be taken somewhere else for further process before being entered to the next production line. Of course, each factory may have different desirable size, but it is very easy to have since canned tuna factory in Spain only need to change the setting on this machine according to the desirable size.
3.      Pre cooker machine
This machine work well to cook the tuna fish that is already clean and prepared before entering this machine. There would be racks of tuna fish which can be put inside this machine since the size of this machine usually quite large even though some factory might use smaller machine size. After the racks entered the machine, then the machine will steam the tuna fish in vacuumed condition so the meat will be soft. Then it will also cool the temperature down before the canned tuna factory in Spain worker takes out the rack from inside the machine. After they are all cooked and cool down, then the meat will be ready for the next production line.
4.      Fill in machine
This machine function is to fill in the tuna meat that has been cook inside the previous machine. By using this machine the tuna can will be filled with tuna meat without doing any damage to it. Furthermore the machine can be set to only put specific amount of tuna meat inside the can. And the process itself will be very fast when done by using this machine, thus it is very important. As the machine is already been sterilized, then the quality of the tuna meat will also sterile.
5.      Oil or brine machine
This machine function is to fill the oil or brine inside the tuna can. Of course, canned tuna factory in Spain will already set the machine so they only put enough oil or brine inside the tuna can. The headspace left is already been determine by using sensors that this machine has.
6.      Close machine
This machine function is to close the tuna can and vacuum it. Thus this machine is able to suck out all the air inside then seal the can completely to ensure the quality of the product reminds in good condition.
Those are the machines that canned tuna factory in Spain uses to make their product, by using those machines they are able to create high quality product for you.

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