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The Best Canned Tuna Brands Product

It is important to pick the right canned tuna brands that match with your taste which can offer not only delicious taste, but also high quality nutrition value. We all know that it is always best to stick with fresh tuna as much as possible, but since fresh tuna is hard to find plus the types of tuna are not available every season, canned tuna fish product which is most widely available in food markets are good alternative to buy. As for today, there are many brands offered at grocery stores and some of them even imported from other countries. This makes people to choose the best brand more difficult unless you already have your own favorite brand for a long time.
How to choose the best canned tuna brands?
Choosing the best canned tuna brands is not that hard but yet it is difficult, especially you cannot only pick the brand based on price or taste since there are lots of tuna types sold at food markets. For example, should you buy skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, or Albacore tuna? This is important since the tuna types have different amount of nutrition.
Albacore tuna which is known as white chunk of tuna has more nutrition intake due to the larger size compared with light tuna which are skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, tongol, and bigeye tuna. However, they also bring more mercury content level than light meat and this is essential since tuna is one of the most popular sea foods and we need to limit ourselves when eating tuna either fresh or canned to prevent overconsumption of mercury.
Here are some considerations when you want to buy canned tuna brands product :
-          Most of tuna canned fish in grocery stores are caught by purse seine fishing method which is a giant net that caught over large school of fish so it is possible to catch “not just” tuna and it can kills million of sharks, dolphins, and even sea turtles. That’s why; you should check the label for sustainably fishing method such as line and pole
-          Just like we already mentioned before, the most common types of canned tuna brands are Albacore tuna, skipjack tuna, and yellowfin tuna. Skipjack stocks are literary better than Albacore tuna in terms of abundance; however Albacore populations are better managed and healthier than others tuna in some part of the world so in conclusion it all depends.
-          Canned tuna brands packed in oil is tastier than tuna in water, but they bring more calories and fats plus they cannot retain too much omega 3 when you drained off the liquid so you better pick tuna in water for healthier choice. In the end expensive brands do not always mean better tuna fish and in contrast, cheap brands not always offer bad quality of tuna fish.
-          Do not pay too much attention with “wild caught” label, because it just means that the tuna fish was not came from farm fishing, while canned tuna, it usually is not. That’s also goes to “dolphin safe” label since that’s only some buzzword years ago when dolphin bycatch still a problem, but nowadays that’s no longer the case. The bigger impact of unfriendly fishing method is for other species.
Thanks to some reliable list of canned tuna brands released by in USA, they are listed 20 canned tuna fish brands which are very helpful to choose the best tuna tin fish. You can follow the list when choosing a canned tuna product. Here is some of the list listed:
1.      Wild Planet
2.      American Tuna
3.      Whole Foods
4.      Ocean Naturals
5.      Hy-Vee
6.      Wegmans
7.      Giant Eagle
8.      Albertsons
9.      ALDI
10.  Ahold Delhaize
11.  Kroger
12.  Target
13.  Costco
15.  Chicken of the Sea
16.  Trader’s Joe
17.  Bumble Bee
18.  Walmart
19.  H-E-B
20.  StarKist
If you want to buy other canned tuna brands outside that list is fine especially if you find other brands that are from imported from other countries as long as you can pick the right tuna tin fish according the instructions above. Moreover, check whether the cans are leaked or there is bulging lids then it is better to avoid buying the cans.

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