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White Tuna Canned Vegetable Oil Flavor and Taste

A lot of tuna canned vegetable oil is available in the grocery store for you to pick up when shopping. However, since there are too many canned tuna in the grocery store, you might become confused which one of them that you will pick up. Furthermore this seawater fish also contains good amount of protein that is why many people like to choose it as their protein source in a meal. Especially since this meat is very versatile, thus you can use it to cook different kinds of dish for your meal every week. If you feel confused on which canned tuna that you should pick up when you go shopping, then you should try to learn the difference between each canned tuna available in the grocery store.
Tuna canned vegetable oil vs tuna canned in water
Seen from the general variation, actually there are only two kinds of canned tuna available in the grocery store. Even though it seems there are too many brands in the grocery store but they most likely the same kinds of canned tuna. You can easily differentiate the two by seeing which substance that is used during the canning process of the tuna meat to soak it since both contains different kinds of substance.
First kind is actually white canned tuna that is actually tuna canned vegetable oil as the substance. The second kind is actually light canned tuna that is actually tuna canned in water as the substance. Because this second kind is only using water as the substance to soak the tuna meat, it is consider as the healthier kind amongst the two kinds since it has less fat which also comes from the vegetable oil added in the first kind of canned tuna.
Another difference that you can notice from the two kind of canned tuna is the type of tuna which used as the meat ingredient inside. For white canned tuna, they only able to use one type of tuna that is albacore tuna as the ingredient on tuna canned vegetable oil. However for light canned tuna there are two type of tuna that usually being used as the ingredient which are yellowfin tuna as well as skipjack tuna.
Difference can also be seen from the color that those canned tuna meat have. On the white canned tuna, you can see that the meat color on tuna canned vegetable oil is white with hint of pink color. This type of tuna meat is the one that is consider as the most suitable tuna meat to be canned. While on the light canned tuna, you can see that the meat color is red with hint of tan color which also called as dark meat.
Of course the flavor on those two canned tuna meat type is also different from one another which will affect the selection of canned tuna that you might like to have for your dish. For the tuna canned vegetable oil which has white color meat, the flavor is mild with little fishy aroma on the meat. The texture of the meat itself is also very firm which make it similar to the texture that chicken breast has. On the other hand, the tuna canned in water which has darker color meat also have stronger flavor. But strangely enough the texture itself is softer compared to the white meat one which make it similar to the texture that the chicken thigh has. But because it has stronger flavor, not many people can enjoy this seawater fish meat. That is why most people will prefer the white meat tuna than the darker meat tuna, thus white meat tuna availability in the grocery store is higher than darker meat tuna.
Of course, people will also consider about the nutrition when choosing tuna canned in vegetable oil or tuna canned in water. Especially since tuna is known to have omega 3 which is very good for the development, growth, and brain. Tuna which canned inside vegetable oil actually have more omega 3 compared to the one canned in water. However since tuna is a seawater fish product, you should also pay attention on the mercury level contain inside the product. It is known that tuna canned vegetable oil has three times higher mercury level than tuna canned in water.

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