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Why Tuna Fish Canning Factory Products Stay Fresh?

Tuna fish canning factory process will keep the canned tuna product staying fresh even for years until pass the expired date and cannot be used anymore. Unopened canned tuna can last longer about 4 years more or less while canned tuna which already been opened should be used as soon as possible or not more than 4 days before they rot or off-smell. Maybe you are wondering, why tuna canned fish products that we love to buy at groceries store can stay fresh from years? Find out more about the information below.
The invention of canning process
Canning is the process that in fact had been found since 1809 during Napoleon and the French Army era. That time, a man called Nicholas Appert developed some method to cook a food inside a sealed glass jar and the food would not spoil unless the seal or the cover was broken. Since glass jar is not very durable, in the end they replacing it with tin cylinder invention that associated with cans and soon in 1903; finally the canned tuna was first introduced to the market in United States until now.
Why canning can work to make the tuna fish inside staying fresh?
The tuna fish canning factory process can make the tuna meats inside staying fresh for several reasons. Canning process works by sealing the tuna (this process applied as well to the other canned fish like sardines, tuna, etc) plus the air that might be inside the container and after that cooking it. With this cooking process, it will sterilize the interior contents and it manages to kill bacterial which can cause spoilage. As long as the cans are undamaged, new bacteria cannot reach the tuna inside. However some foods may require other additional measures with acids or salts while other factories prefer to use ionizing radiation to replace this cooking process. In conclusion, the tuna fish should be canned under pressure in order to make the meats staying fresh as longer as possible.
Some extra notes that not all bacteria can be killed with cooking process or at least not with the temperature that used in canning. For example, bacteria such as the member of botulism family cannot be killed with canning process.
How to freeze tuna fish canning factory products?
After you purchase any tuna fish canning factory brands and opened them, it is better to use the fish soon. However, if there is some leftover in the end you need to freeze it to make the tuna last longer and prevent spoilage. How to freeze canned tuna? Here we go:
-          To extend the shelf life of opened canned tuna, you need to prepare plastic freezer bag with zip-top and permanent marker.
-          Pour the leftover tuna fish inside the plastic bag and the squeezed out the excess air before you sealed the bag.
-          With permanent marker, write down the expired date as reminder and record the date that is 3 months in the future right on the plastic bag.
-          Last, store the plastic bag into a freezer with temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below.
Frozen tuna fish canning factory can be kept not more than 3 months so you need to use it before pass the record date that you already wrote earlier. If you do not want to freeze the opened tuna canned fish then you can simply store the fish into refrigerator but it will not stay longer and you need to use it not more than 4 days.
Tuna fish is a fish that rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and mineral that are beneficial for your body health. However, you also need to pay attention with the mercury level inside the tuna as well as most of the fishes. Limitation is a must when you want to consume tuna or other oily fish to prevent excess consumption of mercury. For pregnant mother or nursing women, and young children or baby, you need to avoid eating canned tuna for awhile due to health reason. This group of people is more sensitive to the mercury and that’s why you need to avoid tuna fish canning factory product. Hope this information help you understand more about canning process and how to store the canned tuna so it can last longer.

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