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Canned Tuna Solid Label Information

Canned tuna solid meaning that the tuna fish is packaged as a whole loin piece instead of leftover pieces or broken pieces of tuna fish meats. Of course, this is means that tuna solid is more expensive than canned tuna packaged with broken or leftover pieces. As for the taste, there is nothing different since they are both tuna fish just different in the case of how they are presented. Canned tuna is affordable source of many healthy nutrition intakes for your body; it is good to eat tuna fish either fresh or canned. You can make a quick and simple tuna breakfast with this fish and they are still offer delicious taste. 
Buying canned tuna solid by reading the labels
When you want to buy a canned tuna solid you should know how to reading the labels so you are not purchase the wrong tuna tin fish. If you still not clear what is mean then below information hopefully help you to understand for more:
-          Albacore vs. Skipjack vs. Tongol vs. Yellowfin
Solid tuna tin fish product comes with several types of fish including albacore, skipjack, tongol, and yellowfin tuna. They are the most common canned tuna markets in the food stores and they are processed then packaged with similar methods. Albacore tuna fish usually have larger size compared with the rest of the listed tuna. Look also for some labeling that mentioned about sustainably fishing method such as pole and line caught because they are environmentally friendly fishing way. Moreover, both skipjack and tongol are usually higher in sustainably method.
-          White tuna vs light tuna
This can be an indicator of the mercury content level in the tuna as well as to specify the type of the tuna. Light canned tuna solid refers to skipjack tuna, tongol, and yellowfin tuna are typically having lower level of mercury than white tuna which known as albacore. However, the “light” labeling is not always accurate though and thus you need to find some more accurate indication about the content of the mercury of the type of the tunas which is skipjack, tongol, or yellowfin for lower level of methyl mercury.
-          Solid vs chunk vs flake
Just like we already mentioned before, these terms only indicate how the tuna meats are presented. Canned tuna solid factory product means that the tuna tin fish has been packaged as a whole piece while chunk and flake tuna means they are sold as broken pieces of loin and leftover pieces. For a whole piece of tuna, they tend to be more expensive, so for affordable everyday use you can just buy chunk or flake tuna.
-          Oil packed vs water packed
Solid tuna soaked in oils will give you expensive and richer experience of the fish taste, but tuna in oils sometime dubious in quality. Moreover, there are some proofs that the tuna in water has more omega 3 fatty acids than tuna in oils. If you do not like to have tuna in water because they have drier texture than tuna in oil, you can add your own oil recipes when you want.
-          BPA-free label
Most of canned tuna solid fish are now labeled as BPA-free, but still you need to always check the cans before buying to ensure the mentioned BPA-free label availability.
What is your favorite tuna recipe with solid tuna fish? You can make any tuna recipes using this canned product and even replace some of oily fish with this more delicious tuna. You can make a tuna salad or tuna sandwiches as well as other recipes, for example:
-          Tuna with Italian marrow beans
-          Tuna spaghetti with breadcrumbs and lemon
-          Crisp tuna cabbage salad
-          Mediterranean tuna antipasto salad, and many more
If you have concern with paleo and gluten, then you should check the label of the canned tuna solid for “gluten free” and “paleo-diet” notes. And it is better to avoid canned tuna in organic herbs and sauces such as tuna in tomato based sauce or tuna in mustard sauce because they are often being made with gluten ingredients like the thickeners for the sauces. Moreover, if you have allergy with tuna, it is of course best to avoid any kind of tuna dishes and stay with other foods.

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