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Canned Tuna Spain Product for Tasty Sandwich

Canned Tuna Spain product is really great when mixed with other ingredients to make a nice and tasty tuna sandwich. Maybe you already have your own tuna salad recipe using canned tuna and adding it with eggs and pickles. In fact, making tuna sandwich is very simple and you can even make some experiment by making this quick and easy dish. If you never try making tuna sandwich which is impossible because many people love tuna sandwich especially if you use canned tuna made in Spain then we are glad to share to you some simple recipe below. 

How to make canned tuna Spain sandwich recipe?
Before you prepare the ingredients, you need to purchase good quality of canned tuna Spain. You need to buy at least 2 cans for this recipe. Buying canned tuna is easy because they are available at food stores or grocery stores every day. Just make sure that you do not need canned product with leaked cans or bulging lids. After that, prepare these ingredients as well:
-          Mayonnaise
-          Bread
-          3 boiled eggs
-          Onions
-          Honey mustard
-          Pickles
-          Pickles relish
-          Fork
-          Wooden spoon
-          Bowl
Follow these instructions to start making your tuna salad simple recipe:
1.      When choosing the bread, the taste of your canned tuna Spain sandwich recipe will be different depending on the type of bread you are picked. For example, you can buy plain white bread, toasted wheat bread, or pita pocket. It is all up to you.
2.      Peel the boiled eggs skin and the chopped the white into small pieces, while the yolk need to be mashed using fork. Place both the white and the yolk into a bowl.
3.      Mix the eggs with ½ cup of mayonnaise; make sure that you mix them together perfectly.
4.      Open you tuna tin fish and drained off the liquid. Add the tuna into the bowl with other ingredients as well. Stir the mixture with other ingredients and after you are done, spread it to the bread according to your taste.
5.      You can add pickles or pickles radish onions, and honey mustard for different flavor. Consider adding fresh tomato slices, lettuce, and cheese for your tuna sandwiches.
How to freeze canned tuna Spain sandwiches?
After you prepare the sandwiches using canned tuna Spain best product, you may want to know how to freeze them if there is leftover sandwiches or you just intentionally want to keep them overnight for tomorrow breakfast. It is better to adjust the ingredients of your tuna sandwich to include only ingredients that freeze well meaning you might be do not want to add hard boiled eggs and lettuce because they will lose its quality when frozen.
After that, let’s prepare these ingredients below:
-          You tuna sandwiches
-          Foil
-          Baggies with zip on top
-          Freezer
Follow these instructions to freeze the sandwiches:
1.      Place or store the tuna sandwiches in the baggies. You can label the baggies before you put the sandwiches inside. Make sure that there is no air inside the baggies when you sealed the bags because it will keep the sandwiches fresh when you frozen them.
2.      For extra protection and especially if you make multiple sandwiches, you can place the baggies into another large bag and make sure to get the air all out from the bag.
3.      If you only want to store few or one sandwich then you can simply wrap the baggie with tin foil. Next, place the sandwich in the freezer.
It is better to eat the sandwiches the next morning to get its best condition or at least within a couple of weeks if you still want to get optimum quality. You can add fresh ingredients when you take out the sandwich from the freezer.
Canned tuna Spain is the best product that you can have when making sandwich or even salad. They are contains high nutrition which is good for body such as omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. If you do not like mayo in your tuna sandwich then you can replace it with other ingredients such as plain yogurt, cottage cheese, and many more. Do some experiment with your sandwich is okay as well.

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