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How to Buy the Best Tuna Canned 170g?

Tuna canned 170g is an excellent canned fish product that available in most of grocery stores worldwide. Many brands can be picked up as well with different preservation such as canned tuna in oils, water, and brine or salt water. Aside canned product, you can always try to buy fresh or raw one although it seems found the nearest fish markets or fish sellers in your area seems to be very difficult, that’s why many people turn into canned fish instead. Here’s some tips you can follow when you want to purchase tuna canned fish available at grocery stores.
How to choose the best tuna canned 170g at stores?
Tuna canned 170g brands are economical than fresh tuna, however some of the tin can deliver more better nutrition than the others such as omega 3 fatty acids and protein. These two substances are essential for our body health because it can help to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as help to prevent stroke, anxiety, and depression. It can also help to improve brain function and enhance your immune system to defend your body from illness. So, what you can do to get the good stuff when choosing best tuna canned product?
1.      It is better to not pick that tuna canned in sunflower oil or any other oils
Since it is similar oil which you can find in a chip pan meaning that you better avoid to buying the tuna persevered in sunflower oil or other oils. Tuna canned product soaked in oil is a bad news for you since it will raise up the level of the calories in your tuna canned fish. Tuna itself has already a low number of natural calories, so it is better to not add the amount especially if you are in a diet to lose some weight. That’s also valid for vegetable oil or olive oil since omega-3 is oil soluble and thus when you drain off the tin, the omega 3 will be wasted as well and we are sure you do not want that to happen because one of the many reasons we eat tuna is to gain omega 3 intakes for our body.
2.      Yes, you need to avoid tuna canned 170g in brine too
Aside tuna canned 170g in oils you should avoid tuna in brine too. Brine basically is salt water and yes, it is far better than tuna in oils, however it does have higher sodium content which is not so good for your heart if you excess consume it. Not to mention for people who have obesity and those who in diet, too much salt will work against you by prompts your body to retain water. Fish like tuna is already have sodium content and you do not need to add the amount of that again.
3.      No oils and brine, so? It is best you pick that tuna canned in spring water
Aside tuna canned 170g in tomato sauce product; tuna soaked in spring water is the best choice for you to have. Of course it is higher in price and it used to be hard to find tuna in spring water, however nowadays many grocery stores will stock a great number of canned tuna fish with spring water. Why it is better? Because it does not leach away the omega 3 fatty acids in the fish plus it does not carry additional sodium or calories.
4.      Never or at least avoid farm tuna fish
Most of the tuna indeed have been caught wildly in ocean by fisheries, however just to make sure, when you buy the tin check it for label and if it mentioned that the tuna fish have been produced from farm fish then you should avoid it because they can contain more pollutant than the one caught in the ocean. In addition, salmon fish which also popular to buy tend to be raised in farm.
There are other sea food options to get lean protein and high quality omega 3 beside tuna canned 170g such as canned sardines and canned mackerel. Those fish can be enjoyed in moderate consumption and you do not need to just stick with tuna alone or in canned one because fillets, steaks, and fresh fish are better.

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