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The Tuna Canned Bonito with Best Flavor

Tuna canned Bonito is a fish that rich in nutritional value and most of them usually small or medium in size compared to other tropical fish. There are various tuna bonito fishes that wild caught in the ocean such as Australian bonito tuna, Spanish bonito tuna, Northern Bonito, Arctic Bonito, and many other names. The most common bonito tuna which like to be marketed worldwide is Skipjack tuna fish along with Albacore tuna which known as white tuna that more expensive than skipjack. Apart from regular tuna, Albacore Bonito usually has light pink color approaching white and it has juicy soft meat with smooth flavor that delicate plus not too fishy.
Popular tuna canned bonito fish product
Albacore long finned tuna in Spanish also known as ‘Bonito del Norte’ which is still belong to the tuna family and it is extremely popular tinned seafood product. They are caught mostly in North of Spain. The fish will be caught with hooks so the tuna fish won’t suffer and they still can result in good quality of tuna canned bonito meat. The albacore bonito species are typically have large size and pectoral fins and it is recommended by experts to consume the tuna fish due to the high omega 3 fatty acids content.
Once the tuna bonito is caught, it is need to be cleaned, cooked, and the packed to maintain the freshness. Moreover, the tuna is traditionally will be packed in olive oil without additional preservatives, chemical, coloration, and other additives.  Canned bonito tuna fish best to age in the tin and they can last up to 5 years more or less. Tuna canned bonito product from North Spain is popular for its high quality fish.
Bonito can also be found in the entire coast of Australia which is called Australian Bonito and they can grow up to 5 kilograms in weight. Australian Bonito has strong and large jaw with color range from blue to dark green on the back. They like to make a large school with other tuna species and most of them are wildly caught then packed into canned products. Bonito are simply marketed as ‘bonito’ is some countries, they are exported globally and since they are fast in growing, bonito is very abundant.
How to cook tuna canned bonito fish?
The flesh of bonito fish is literally very oily with strong and meaty taste. The bonito usually sold as tin fish product or sometimes as a whole or available as sashimi. It is good if you can get your hand on fresh tuna bonito because they have fresh ocean smell which is nice with firm flesh and lustrous skin flesh. To cook the bonito tuna fish, you can pan frying them, grilling, baking, raw (sashimi), barbequing, and many more. As for tuna canned bonito, you can mix the meat into tuna salad or sandwiches as well as other tuna recipes.

Nutrition information of tuna canned bonito
Tuna canned factory product is an essential component for diet. With softer texture and exquisite flavor, this is best to be consumed as healthy food without too much ingredients or additional herbs. Bonito tuna is equally offered minerals, vitamins, and protein to the red meats and thus making it one of the best choices for low fat diet menu plans. In addition, bonito tuna rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is very essential to prevent heart disease as well as to help brain function improvement.
Make a good choice by pick canned bonito soaked in water instead of oil or brine (salt water); they are better to retain the omega 3 than tuna in oils or water. Although the texture are drier than tuna in oils, but they are healthier because does not have extra calories, fats, and sodium.
Bonito tuna is different with regular tuna, is the bonito has lighter color and they are far superior in terms of taste and texture. Even though they are caught seasonal, but the tuna canned bonito product is always available in grocery stores every year thanks to the canning process which makes the tin fish stay longer for years. In the kitchen, the versatility of bonito tuna is ideal for kebabs, snacks, toast, pasta, tortillas, salad, rice, and many more.

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